deer beer head lady
Choose your level, click the icon on the right and...Let the Taps Flow!!!!!!!
  Level Donation Click!
  Basic (Cheapskate) [Antler-less] Just One Lousy Beer blackdeer
  Dependant [Bambi] Six-Pack deer eyes
  Co-Dependant [Fawn] Half-Rack driver
  Sponsor [Yearling] Full Case glass 01
  John Barleycorn [1-Point Antlers] Pony Keg deer jump
  Benefactor [2-Point] Full Keg mug
  Partner [3-Point] A Beer-a-Day sot with moon
  Bartender [4-Point] All the Beer You Can Steal green deer
  Bar Patron [5-Point] Drink-a-Beer, Give-a-Beer three bottles
  Fool [6-Point] Trade Your House for Beer coin aa beer lady deer
  Sustainer [7-Point] Whatever it Takes dollar deer beer
  Brewery [What's the Point?] Just pipe it all to The BeerLady four bottles
Remember... Save Deer, Donate Beer!!
why the deer