True History Revealed

thanksgiving drink pilgrim

The origins seem obscured by layers of folklore, fairy tales and falderal.  We are told vague, quaint stories of the slaughtering of indians, pillaging of their land and the wearing of hats with buckles.  Actually, the day of gratitude harkens back to another era, where buckles were worn not on the hat, but on the shoes.  Where people slaughtered peasants, not pheasants and wished upon oddles of poodles.  France. 1790's.  A poor desolate people on the verge of starvation.  A life with very little hope.  And the children.  Running around in rags.  No buckles on their shoes (in fack, no shoes on their little feet).  Tired and hungry, huddled against the frigid November winds of Paris.  All they plead for is but a sip of milk, precious milk.  The Lords & Ladies, Princes & Princesses, the King & Queen... they had all the milk they could drink... AND MORE!!!  They begged for just a sip to strengthen their weary bones.
The is when the Queen, The Lady Beer-Antionette warbled those now infamous words... "Let them drink beer".
The rest is history... The French Revolution. The deposing of a monarcy. Julia Child. All this fueled by hordes of drunken children.
Yes, that's the true meaning of Thanksgiving.
And as such, I still proclaim, "Let us all drink beer!!!"

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